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to make learning a better experience

Students who have a natural interest in learning sciences. If the students have natural interest and inclination then it is possible to nurture it, strengthen it and sustain it. Teachers who are dedicated and capable form integral part of this programme. They should have thorough understanding of learning process, enjoy teaching, have proper conceptual knowledge to facilitate joyful learning and enhance the inherent capabilities of the students. The defining feature of this programme is that the major focus from students, teachers, and parents is on learning not on the end result. Teachers should be focused on how to make students learn better, enjoy learning and apply concepts in problems and real-life situations interesting.

Concepts through real-time experiments

In physics, most of the concepts will be explained by real experiments and demonstrations where ever possible so that students can actually feel the concept before they begin to understand.


Discussion Oriented

The main advantage of classroom teaching is interaction where students can raise doubts at any point in time during the class and get them cleared instantly. Students are encouraged to ask doubts without any hesitation. There are no silly and complicated doubts only doubts. If a student understands completely there is no doubt otherwise there is doubt.


Problem Solving

When a student solves a problem on his own there is joy in it. Here students are given interesting and challenging problems to solve on their own wherein the teacher just guides and makes sure that they have the right approach.In fact, the actual learning happens when one applies concepts in problems and real-life scenarios.


CBSE Curriculum

CBSE curriculum is chosen because it is age relevant and good clarity can be given in concepts


Quality Time

5 hours per week and for 8 months


Class Strength

The Class Strength is reasonably less so that teacher gets enough time to understand thinking process of each student and to develop it.

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